Avant used a few basic moves when designing the studio space to break out of the typical strip center office mold.  A “light wall” starting in the reception area, slices through the entire length of the space, creating circulation pathways and separation between office functions.


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  • Project Location: Omaha, Nebraska
  • Project Size: 4,000 SF
  • Project Cost:  $350,000.
  • Project Completed:  2000

The objective of the program was to create a design studio that was functional, intriguing, and fun to work in.  Public and client functions needed to be separate from the production side of the office.  Accounting, Ownership, and support areas needed to be accessible from both client and production functions.  It was important that finish and design qualities not be overpowering.  The studio presents a number of spatial settings and materials that have been influenced by the Midwestern context.


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