This two part project included Corporate Headquarters Office Renovations and a Network Operations Center for Ballantyne Strong.  While the client is a well established company involved in many ventures they wanted to renovate their spaces to better reflect their dynamic, ready-for-anything, business culture.  The use of strong, vibrant colors and playful forms and angles throughout the space provides a lively working atmosphere.  The primary workstation is located in an open office environment so 2 and 4 person “huddle” spaces were intentionally provided sprinkled throughout the office space to foster collaboration.


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  • Project Location:  Omaha, Nebraska
  • Project Size:   5,700 SF (first floor renovation);     16,800 SF (fourth floor renovation)
  • Project Cost:  $1.3 million
  • Project Completed:  2012

Avant Architects provided Architectural Design Services, Interior Design Services, and Furniture Services for these projects.

The first floor renovation of offices into a state of the art Network Operations Center showcases and integrates technology into the space.  From large TV banks to broadcast information throughout the office,  open office workstations,  and the use of electrochromic glass to provide privacy or transparency on a moments notice, the integration of security and technology features makes this space truly equipped to adapt to future work space needs.

The Corporate Headquarters office spaces located on the fourth floor incorporates bold colors, dynamic arrangements for open office spaces balanced with locations for collaboration, and integrated technology.


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