When Capitol School of Hairstyling and Esthetics outgrew their existing facility they contacted Avant to provide design services for their move into a nearby vacant building.  The project included complete renovation of the space, exterior upgrades, and an addition including a basement.  Avant and Capitol used this opportunity to incorporate custom graphic panels to define spaces that have a flow and meaning to the student community.


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  • Project Location:  Omaha, Nebraska
  • Project Size:  14,000 SF
  • Project Cost:  $1.45 million
  • Project Completed:  2010

Capitol Schools, a secondary school teaching the skilled trades of cosmetology and esthetics, having outgrown their previous tenant space; relocated their business to a nearby 11,000 SF vacant building.  An additional 1,775 SF was added to the west façade of the structure to accommodate administrative needs and another 1,150 SF of basement storage space was also added to the existing building.

Main dividing walls of the space are constructed of wood framed, translucent panels with a custom printed graphic that flows and weaves throughout the entire facility. The installation of low maintenance durable finishes allows the space to remain clean with little effort.  The monochromatic color palette combined with unique materials gives the business a new and fresh image attracting potential students and provides for an upscale experience for their clientele which includes the general public.

The existing wood frame structure was clad with brick and vinyl siding which Avant replaced with painted fiber cement board siding and composite aluminum metal panel accents.  The window system is aluminum frame storefront with clear insulating glass.


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