Avant Architects was commissioned to design the interior of the Corporate Headquarters for DMSi Sotware.  Special corporate spaces consist of a fully equipped conference room and a quite of private offices with outdoor balconies.  The space also includes open office areas, training room, break room, and recreation and fitness area.


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  • Project Location:  Omaha, Nebraska
  • Project Size:  33,600 SF
  • Project Cost:  $1.3 million
  • Project Completed:  2007
  • ASID 2nd Place Contract Corporate Award, Nebraska – Iowa Chapter, 2008

Interior architectural finishes for these spaces were selected with considerations for durability, low maintenance, and visual and tactile aesthetics. Recycled glass terrazzo and vinyl wall-covering was selected for the lobby spaces while the restrooms have porcelain floor tile, porcelain wainscot, and vinyl wall-covered walls.  Interior architectural finishes for the corporate spaces consist of warm wood tones on the floor and ceiling, plush carpet tile, rich vinyl wall-covering, and leather upholstered furniture.  A laminated wood flooring product provides durability.   The light color palette accentuates the architectural volume and bounces the natural light from the glass clerestory above.


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