4Warm materials, clean lines, and contemporary art provide the foundation for the livable environment for a family of four.  A reference to prairie style on the exterior of the home is carried into the interior with thoughtful detailing in the leaded glass windows and custom handrail.

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Stone used at the Living Room fireplace adds warmth to the large element and articulates it with smaller scale.  The firebox is shifted off center and uses the strong mantel as a counterbalance.  This not only creates visual interest but allows the piano space without pushing into the fireplace seating.  Wood beams in the ceiling break up the large scale and add a decorative lighting element.

Rift-cut oak and quarter sawn maple were selected for their minimal pattern, allowing the warmth of wood with a contemporary feel.  Two different woods were chosen to play off each other in accent form when designing millwork.

All the furniture was kept in basic neutral forms and color that scale well to each space and allow the contemporary art to contrast in a more dramatic way.  Art is used throughout the home as strong points of focus.  Contrasting accents of orange and blue are used through the entire home, at time subtle and moments, bold.

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