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master plan1-websiteProgramming

This design phase consists of gathering of data related to existing facilities, demographics of the community, trends in the community and service area, and the impact of building codes on new and existing facilities.  We will explore client aspirations in terms of activities and programs to be offered, and project space requirements associated with those needs.  Through this process, we will establish priorities for planning and design endeavors.  We will explore ideas and requirements for the integration of technology in new construction as well as existing facilities. We will begin to establish budgetary guidelines which will help balance priorities within the client’s financial abilities.  We discuss Quality, Quantity and Budget as three components that must reach equilibrium for success. We will encourage wide input about these ideas and concepts.


Master Planning / Space Planning

Master planning services focus on generating initial building and space concepts, the study of preliminary floor plan relationships, the relationship to the existing campus (if applicable), and development of construction phasing options.  During this phase, we challenge our clients to think beyond immediate needs, think ‘out-of-the-box’, to see if there are any future considerations for programs and activities that will impact our site or building organization.  We will study alternative approaches to achieve the best, most efficient result.  We will assign cost parameters to each alternative.  In the end, we will reach consensus on the optimal approach.  At the conclusion of Master Planning, we will have established the project budget, have defined the floor plan, building imagery, character and defined site circulation and zoning.

15-024 01 triangle-website-squareSchematic Design/ Design Development

Schematic Design is the first phase of our work in which we generate the initial design concepts for the site, the building floor plans, the exterior and interior characters. An initial concept will be developed, reviewed and revised as necessary to best fit the client’s program. During this phase we will incorporate client comments and visions.  Initial concepts will be used to create or confirm budgets for the Project.  Once a Schematic Design Concept is approved, the second step in the design process is Design Development.  In this phase we begin to assemble more detail, getting input from engineering consultants for structural, mechanical and electrical systems.  Exterior and interior material palettes will be refined, envelope details will be discussed, and major details will be defined.  Additional disciplines needed for engineering services will be retained during Schematic Design or Design Development for a holistic approach to the building.

Crossroads 1-website-square3d Modeling / Rendering

Our firm utilizes many modeling tools during our design process.  We communicate design ideas in many formats to foster clear understanding of concepts, details, materials, and scale.  From building physical models, Sketch-Up, hand sketches, written descriptions, colored floor plans, Photoshop, and Building Information Modeling we are proficient with the tools needed to effectively render and help you visualize the building, site, or space.  We can also use these tools to develop marketing, promotional, and fundraising materials for your Project.


Contract Documents

We produce the fully detailed documents that are used to receive construction cost proposals and are issued to governing authorities for building permits.  These documents are also used for the construction of your building and site.  Our deliverable package includes final building code review, dimensioned floor plans and ceiling plans, exterior building elevations, construction details, schedules and specifications for the construction of the building.  We will continue to engage all the services needed for complete construction documents including those needed to produce final site plan, HVAC design, plumbing design, electrical design, and structural design.  We use Building Information Modeling to produce our construction documents which provides an added value to our Construction Document process, increasing our coordination between specialties.

Interior Design07-016 04 Pinnacle46-website-square

Our designs stand alone…  A rare mix of beauty and purpose.  We believe successful design begins with an open dialogue between client and design team. Whether part of a larger building project or as an individual service, our collective design approach exceeds expectations.  We continually research, develop ideas, and challenge boundaries in an efforrt to create innovative and purposeful solutions for every single project. We strive to provide safe, functional, and beautifully inhabited spaces.  We offer a full range of interior design services including: programming and space planning, conceptual development, materials selection, presentation and marketing materials, interior renderings, finish standard programs, integration with architecture, furniture and equipment consulting, artwork consulting, and wayfinding/ signage design.


Sustainable Design Solutions

We understand that our role as creators of the built environment has a huge impact on the environment and we take the responsibility we have as Architects to lessen the detrimental impact seriously.  We will employ sustainable solutions on projects as part of the basic services we provide.  With multiple LEED professionals on staff we have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your sustainable building and site goals.  We also have experience with LEED Certification, designing to the National Green Building Standard supported by the National Association of Home Builders.  We can provide the services needed to document your building for the certification that is a fit for your Project.

bebos 01-website-squareConstruction Administration Services

We provide Construction Administration services for our clients that includes on-site observation during construction, attendance at construction meetings, answering questions from contractors and the client during construction, reviewing shop submittals from the contractor, reviewing contractor requests for payment, and providing a final walk-through of the Project to identify any items remaining for contractor attention.  During this phase we will coordinate all disciplines involved in the project for a single point of contact for the contractor and client.






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