Omaha, Nebraska

Our design innovation is rooted in the interaction between clients and architect.

With over 30 years of experience, at Avant Architects, we pride ourselves on the collaboration and detail that goes into every single project. As a small firm, we work as a team on each design. This unique organizational approach allows us to offer each individual’s unique skills and talents to all of our spaces — from architects to interior designers and accounting. Across land planning, architecture, and interiors, our commitment to our clients and design excellence allows us to create spaces that sit at the intersection of functionality and visual appeal — inspiring all those who interact with them.

who we are

The principles that guide us.

At Avant, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and work hard to ensure we thoroughly understand each client’s needs throughout the entirety of each project.

We provide an exceptional experience and always keep client visions and priorities at the forefront of the design process. This allows us to provide expertise and guidance from the planning phases all the way until project completion — and beyond.
Our firm is strongly committed to providing the best experience possible for our clients.

Each project begins with a Design Leader and a Project Manager. These key people lead the project through the different phases, providing consistency and continuous support from start to finish as our entire team works together on each design.

With our expertise, we understand the structural and mechanical systems that go into each project and are able to meet stringent design and building schedules without sacrificing building or design quality.
Our solid reputation for excellence and innovation is rooted firmly in the conviction that architecture grows from the collaboration between the client and the architect.

In each design, we use our knowledge and expertise as we work with clients to create unique solutions for their goals. Whether it’s to use more sustainable materials, achieve LEED certifications, or design a space that’s both functional and visually appealing to passersby, Avant makes these visions come to life.

Together, we consider numerous alternatives to each problem and imaginatively integrate our clients’ needs and perceptions while keeping site characteristics and budget in mind.
We recognize that each project and each client is different and presents unique goals and challenges. Avant believes in a collaborative approach to every space we create. Rather than working for our clients, we work with them to create both beautiful and functional spaces.

We consider all the different elements that go into a space — from practical needs to structural visual appeal and finish palettes to art and more.

This emphasis on design clarity results in architecturally significant, serviceable, and economical buildings.
Above all, Avant is committed to design excellence. We work diligently to ensure projects meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

This is seen not only with our satisfied clients but also in the buildings and interior space.

As a nationally practicing architect firm, we have projects across the U.S. — including Nebraska, Minnesota, North Carolina, Connecticut, and New Jersey — and in a range of industries, including retail, corporate office, healthcare, multifamily, and private residential commissions.

Our commitment to excellence across various projects has been recognized through multiple Architectural Honor Awards for Distinguished Accomplishment in Design Excellence awards, from: The AIA Nebraska, a Society of the American Institute of Architects, The Central States Region of the American Institute of Architects, The American Society of Interior Designers, Nebraska/Iowa Chapter and numerous industry organizations.