Nebraska Crossing

As the region’s premier shopping center with retail space for more than 70 luxury retailers, Nebraska Crossing provides a modern, upscale shopping experience for visitors near and far. With 9 multi-tenant buildings and 2 kiosk buildings, Avant designed Nebraska Crossing as a contemporary outdoor space not just for shopping but for visitors to enjoy the various restaurants and retail locations the mall has to offer.

Located in Gretna, Avant designed the buildings with varied colors, orientations, and pattern scales to create contrast and match the varying identities of each tenant and come together in a seamless collection as one whole Nebraska Crossing. The exteriors are comprised of a simple material palette of metal and phenolic panels, burnished concrete blocks, aluminum-framed storefronts, and pops of color and other materials in a simple yet eye-catching style.

Outdoor gathering spaces and a beautiful landscape experience serve as thoughtful touches that bring beauty and a sense of community to the center.

Avant’s team provided full design services across the 36-acre property and 333,000 square foot retail area to create the new space and replace the existing, defunct outlet mall. This included site and master planning, design development, construction documents, and construction administration. The design also featured an upgrade to all utility services, as well as updated roads, parking lots, pedestrian walkways, and more.

In a move to create a modern, high-tech, and seamless shopping experience for visitors, Avant also coordinated the design and installation of large digital highway signs, digital rooftop billboards, and many digital display boards and kiosks throughout the center.

Design Team
  • Architecture: Avant Architects
  • Structural: TD2
  • Civil: TD2
  • M/E/P: Schnackel
  • Landscaping: Mulhall's
  • Photography: Kessler Photography
  • Outdoor Shopping Facility
  • Landscape Experience
  • Outdoor Gathering Spaces
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