The Lodge Northbrook

The Lodge at Northbrook wanted to expand upon its existing senior living facilities, adding more spaces for residents in the Northbrook, Illinois community. The resulting expansion brought 70 residential units and ten assisted care units in a beautiful new complex that connects to the existing buildings through a corridor.

Avant thoughtfully designed units with inspiration from the popular prairie style, using warm, neutral colors, rich hardwood floors, and ample lighting to brighten spaces. In the lobby, a fireplace with a brick exterior serves as a warm welcome. Vaulted ceilings create an open and airy feel. Residents enjoy a wide range of spaces, including a multipurpose room, workout facility, and dining area.

Continuing with the prairie-inspired style for this project, Avant designed the building layout to spread across the site, maximizing views. Landscaped walkways allow for easy movement between the buildings, and ample site features, trellises, and strategic site walls provide privacy. A below-grade garage allows for hidden yet accessible parking, and a courtyard space featuring a pergola and seating offers a comfortable outdoor area for residents to relax.

The Lodge at Northbrook’s exterior was designed with multiple brick colors and fiber cement siding, using those rich natural colors from the Prairie State. Small details, including trellis designs and the corner wrapping windows, create unique spaces that set The Lodge at Northbrook community apart from the rest.

Design Team
  • Architecture: Avant Architects
  • Interior Design: Avant Architects
  • Structural Engineer: TD2
  • Civil Engineer: SPACECO Inc.
  • M/E/P: Schnackel Engineers, Inc.
  • Photography: Kessler Photography
  • Assisted Care Units
  • Courtyards and Landscaped Walkways
  • Connecting to Existing Buildings
  • Vaulted Ceilings
  • Workout Facility
  • Lobby Fireplace
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