Trio Cocktails & Company

Trio Cocktails & Company needed a space that reflects how they bring people together for good company over unique, hand-crafted cocktails. With a sophisticated mid-century modern design, Avant created a place that reflects Trio’s edgy, custom cocktail menu.

With sleek lines, geometric shapes reflected in the furniture and art, and subtle pops of color, the cocktail lounge gives a sense of community and elegance the moment people walk through the doors.

Inspired by the custom cocktail menu, Avant partnered with Morrissey Engineering to create a stunning custom light fixture made with recycled wine bottles and color-changing LED lights. The handcrafted fixture sits above the pathway between the bar and lounge seating and taps into the use of unique materials that are often featured in mid-century modern designs. Together, Avant and Trio assembled the light fixture that serves as both a functional and visual element in the cocktail lounge.

DIRTT wall systems serve as interior partitions, naturally shaping the lounge and creating thoughtful design freedom. Complete with a serving bar and outdoor seating, Avant was able to deliver a truly luxurious, intimate space that accurately reflects Trio Cocktails & Company’s story.

Design Team
  • Architecture: Avant Architects, Inc.
  • Interior Design: Avant Architects, Inc.
  • Structural Engineer: Nielson Baumert Engineering
  • M/E/P: Morrissey Engineering
  • Photography: Kessler Photography
  • Cocktail Lounge
  • Mid-Century Modern Interior
  • Luxurious and intimate seating
  • Interior Renovation Project
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Serving Bar
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